Santorini (Summer 2016)

Hi everyone, so I along with many others I’m sure have finished my GCSE’s  and have now broken up for summer holidays. I have already been away, I went to Santorini in Greece for 6 days and it was lovely. They were experiencing a heatwave out there so each day reached around 32℃ with no breeze so at times was very hot.

I have been to Santorini around 4 times now and would have to say it is without a doubt one of my favourite (possibly my favourite) place to visit. There are beautiful cobbled streets filled with little shops selling bracelets, dresses fridge magnets and more and if you are going there with any boys you will most likely hear a moan or two overtime you walk into the one of many jewellery shops. We stayed in an area known as ‘Imerovigli’ which is just next-door to the main town of ‘Thira’, its about a 30 minute walk which we did every night, however the time goes quickly as you take in the wonderful views of the volcanic island.

We stayed at a hotel called the ‘Kapari Natural Resort’ which was beautiful, however the pool area was very small, yet this enabled us to make holiday friends as you are sat fairly close to one another! We looked round a couple of nice hotels to see where we would stay next time, and found that the ‘Grace’ hotel looked very nice too. My mum and I went just the two of us and it was such a relaxing brake after a tough and tiring school term! I have included a couple of pictures of various things that are down below 🙂 Inderella x




Review: Rimmel

All products
All the products!

Rimmel was one of the first make up brands I  discovered. Until recently I suddenly realised that the majority of my everyday make up, is in fact Rimmel! I find that their products in general are very reasonably priced and have a huge range of products. Occasionally in drugstore brands you will find one product that is amazing, but the other products may not live up to your now high expectations. However, I use many different items of make up from Rimmel and have found to never be let down! The range is huge and the products and packaging are all high quality. And as I said it really is a plus that you can get hold of these outstanding products without breaking the bank.

IMG_0430 2
Wake me up concealer – £5.49
This concealer is truly brilliant. It is very brightening to use under the eyes as well as being able to hide any blemishes you have. It is really creamy making it a dream to blend. It also has a few different shades making it easy to match your skin tone.

Stay matte pressed powder – £3.99

Many powders I have previously used have done one of two things; either made my face completely matte laving it with a ‘cakey’ feeling or still left my face shiny but helped make my make up stay on. However, about a year ago I discovered this powder which magically does both. It gives you a matte effect yet leaves you looking like you haven’t piled make up on to your skin. It also helps my make up last so much longer than before!

Undercover shadow primer – £4.99

For ages I was on the hunt for a drugstore/high street eye primer. I read some reviews and purchase the Rimmel one. This creates a really smooth base over the lid and keeps your eyeshadow on for so much longer! I have definitely notice a huge difference between when I do and don’t use this product.
IMG_0429 2

Glam eyes quad eye shadow – £6.99

I have this small eyeshadow quad in the shade 021 State of Grace. The reason I bought this was I didn’t own any blue toned colours so wanted to try a make up look using some. This definitely isn’t an everyday use quad for me personally, but fun to use on a night out. The colours are so pigmented and really easy to blend. It comes with a small brush applicator which is actually quite high quality, as well as instructions on which eyeshadow goes in which part of your eye which is very helpful!

I own four eyeliners from Rimmel all different and all wonderful!
IMG_0427 2

ScandalEyes precision micro eye liner – £5.49

This eye liner is similar to a felt tip pen. It is so easy to do and great if you are a beginner with liquid eyeliner. It lasts a very long time and is a true black colour. I really rate the ScandalEyes range as a whole. (Black)

ScandalEyes waterproof kohl liner – £3.99

There was a lot of hype about this eye liner and I now see why. It is perfect if you are going out for the day and need your make up to last as long as long as physically possible! It is a little harder to remove but worth it for the staying power over all. It is also perfect if you are creating a smokey eye as it is easy to smudge and blend. (Black)

Soft kohl kajal eye pencil – £2.99

This eyeliner is slightly less intense but still pigmented;it is called considered more of an everyday eyeliner (which I use almost everyday!) it is amazing value for money and still lasts s very long time. If you are looking for a simple eye liner that does a mixture of everything, this is the one for you! (Black)

Exaggerate automatic waterproof eye defined – £3.99

This is an eye liner that I do use every single day and have manage to convince many people its brilliance! (They all now use it religiously) I have it in the colour rich brown which I put on my lower lash line and gently smudge it out. It has a small smudger on the end which are usually rubbish, HOWEVER it’s really easy to use and gives your make up a slightly more casual look.
IMG_0431 2

ScandalEyes volume flash mascara – £4.99   

This mascara is very long lasting, yet still easy to take off. The main thing I like love is the size of the brush, it’s huge! Giving you lots of volume for a night out.

Extra super lash mascara – £4.99

I bought this mascara in a rush as I had realised I had forgotten to bring one with me. I headed straight for the Rimmel counter (as you can probably see I can trust them!) and grabbed this mascara in the colour brown, black. It is really natural but gives you the look of longer lashes and has a small but powerful wand which I like.

Wonder’full wake me up mascara – £7.99

This is my current favourite mascara, and possibly makes it into my favourite mascara ever?! It contains cucumber extract which makes it smell amazing (not that that’s what you look for in a mascara but still), it lengthens and volumises your lashes without clumping. It adds drama and a doll lash effect. As well as keeps the curl and stays on your eyelashes rather than slowly making its way under your eye!
Stay glossy lip gloss – £6.29

The colour I have is 120 non stop glamour. It is a slightly frosted high shine lipgloss which fits perfectly on top of almost any lipstick to give it a high shine. I have always found that lip glosses just seem to fade away instantly, however this does have amazing staying power. Meaning you don’t have to top up every time you sip a drink.

From L-R: 01, 05, 08

Kate Moss lipsticks – £5.49

I have three of these lipsticks currently in my collection: 01 a deep red, 05 quite a bright pinky nude and 08 a brown nude shade. These lipsticks are available in so many different shades as well as being very long lasting and highly pigmented.

Hope you enjoyed this, see you soon

Inderella x



I have always been interested in starting a blog so recently decided to just go for it. I am a huge fan of make-up and beauty and felt that i wanted to share my reviews and thoughts with anyone who is also interested in the make-up world. My blog posts will be therefore focused on these topics, however will still be varied.

The name ‘Inderella’ came from the fact that my family constantly call me ‘Cinderella’ as I have always had a bit of a thing for cleaning and tidying up! So I decided to transform that and include my name in the title.

I hope anyone who reads my blog enjoys it as I am very excited to start my own blog journey!

See you soon!

Inderella x